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Save 5% on most orders Use Code 5OFFSALE

Muscle D 88″ Dual Adjustable Pulley MDM-D88B

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Muscle D Dual Adjustable Pulley: Commercial-Quality Cable Machine

Perform a variety of workout possibilities to build your power and stability with one versatile piece of equipment, the Muscle D 88" Dual Adjustable Pulley

Take your workouts to the next level with these Features

  • Adjustable Hi/Low pulley columns on each side with 20 positions
  • Built in Rack to hold accessories
  • Easy adjustments on each sliding pulley housing
  • Great for low ceilings

 Product Specifications

  • 2 – 200 lb weight stacks (A single 200 lb steel weight stack delivers 100 lbs of effective resistance)
  • 60” L x 40” W x 88” H, 850 lb standard
  • 152 cm x 102 cm x 222 cm, 386 kg

LOOK!!!  Here is a picture of one recently installed in a home:

Dual Adjustable Pulley 88 inch Home Gym

This is what your machine will look like if you order.  Shown here with the Muscle D Flat to Incline Bench.



User Manual

**NOTE: Cardio Nation recommends professional installation so please ask for a quote.  Neither Cardio Nation nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for damage or other negative impacts that result from a self-installation.  

Assembly can be accomplished by 2 people but 3 is ideal.  The cables come pre-assembled and strung to the weight stack, which would normally be the hardest part of a cable machine such as this.

Ask us for a quote if you would like professional assembly.  Email and provide your address along with details such as the room it will be installed in and if there are stairs that need to be navigated.  

 Watch the MDM-D88B in Action

 Differences between the Muscle D 88" and 95" Dual Adjustable Pulley Machines: 

  • Dimensions are different but each weight stack feels like 100 lbs
  • MDM-D88 has a 1:2 ratio with two 200 lb weight stacks with a feel of 100 lbs per stack.
  • The MDM-D95 has two 400 lb weight stacks with a 1:4 ratio making the weight stacks feel like 100 lbs per stack.
  • The D95 has a longer cable length that allows the user to perform more sports-related exercises like baseball or tennis swings if desired.  The user can pull the cable out further on the D95 with its longer cables due to the pulley configuration.  You can get creative!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Impressive Machine

I was quite nervous when I ordered it since I did not get a chance to see it before I purchased this machine. Assembly was simple enough...a couple of tools and a helper and it was done! This thing is built like a tank...very heavy and cannot be moved once assembled so make sure it is exactly where you want it once you start.
Pulleys are smooth and do not drag at all...better than the ones at my Big Box gym! Dealing with Cardio Nation was so much better than the other companies I contacted...helpful and responsive...I am very...very happy with my purchase...glad I did it. You will NOT have any regrets from buying this machine from them! I don't!!!