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Jacobs Ladder - Self Powered Step Climber Exercise Machine - Jacobs Ladder™

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Jacobs Ladder is the most effective piece of commercial gym equipment on the market today.

Our signature piece of gym equipment is designed specifically for high intensity, low impact exercise, but goes much deeper than that. Jacobs Ladder was put to the test by researchers in the School of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University who found that Jacobs Ladder was a scientifically superior workout. Users burned calories at a much higher pace with a lower perceived exertion rate when compared with treadmills. Plus, since it’s a low impact exercise, it’s possible to have a high-energy workout without significant strain on the body. Jacobs Ladder also is a functional exercise, making it useful for rehabilitation, circuit training, personal training, high-intensity intervals, and endurance training. As one of our customers said almost 20 years ago, “it is easier to work harder on Jacobs Ladder than any other piece on the market.”


 Frame:  Welded Tubular Steel
Length:  76”
Width:  31.25”
Height:  65.5”
Weight:  325 lbs
Rungs:  Solid Maple
Case:  ABS/Polyethylene
Power:  Self-Powered
Ceiling Height Requirement:  7.5 Feet
Digital Readout:  Elapsed Time, Feet Climbed, Rate (Feet/Min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (using chest strap)
Warranty:  4 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor
Shipping Dimensions: 33” x  77.5” x 71” , 432 lbs
Shipping Density: 4.111 lbs/ft3


The original Jacobs Ladder offers simplicity in design, but the intensity in your workout. 


The Ladder’s 40-degree angle offers natural climbing motion, which takes stress off of the lower back, hips, and knees.


This piece of gym equipment provides digital feedback on elapsed time, how many feeds were climbed, rate of speed, and calorie burn.


The self-powered Jacobs Ladder does not need to b plugged into a wall outlet to be an effective piece of gym equipment.




Below is a list of recommendations and safety precautions.

  • Always warm-up at the slowest speed for at least two minutes. In your initial cardio workouts, it is best to pace yourself to gain an understanding of the machine intensity.
  • Use opposing arm and leg movements (i.e., right arm/left leg — left arm/right leg).
  • Never take more than one step at a time.
  • Practice going slow and allow the cardio machine to stop until you feel comfortable with the machine.
  • Keep the spine straight and relaxed (don’t hunch your back) – Upper body weight should be supported by arms.
  • If you feel dizzy while using the hand-over-hand movements, use the side rails and concentrate on a lower-body workout.
  • Some people may be more comfortable wearing gloves.


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