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Best Select a Weight Dumbbells

Best Select a Weight Dumbbells

Why not get right to the point here shall we? The best select a weight dumbbells are the MX55 adjustable weight dumbbells.  Why should you believe that though? For reason number one in this writer's opinion, I have to point to the fact that the MX-55 dumbbells are in the shape of a traditional fixed weight dumbbell.  

MX55 Low to High weight

This is very important because some of the adjustable weight dumbbells available today are block shaped, such as Powerblocks.  Yes, I own a pair of these block weights and although they are a great way to save space, there are some exercises that are very uncomfortable to perform (if not impossible).  One such exercise is the overhead tricep extension and if you have ever seen the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he asks the puma how many lumps he wants, well then you can just imagine what an oversized and oddly shaped dumbbell might do to you after you begin to get a little shaky during those last couple of reps.

Beyond, the inconvenient shape of other dumbbells that are adjustable, one also has to pay attentiono to durability and cost.  One the durability front, the MX55’s are very well made and use a patented rack and pinion system that allows an easy and smooth weight adjustment.  This type of gear is very reliable and strong so you can trust that it will last.  

Top Select a Weight Dumbbells

MX55 With Stand

Here is the MX-55 select a weight dumbbells that, by the way, also comes with it’s own stand as shown in the above picture.  These dumbbells by MX Select are well balanced and adjust with the push and turn of a button.

MX55 Change Weight

Pretty slick, pretty easy to operate, and very durable as many have noted in the reviews found across multiple sites.  Other adjustable dumbbells that let you select a weight have a clunky dial system that frankly haven't received the best reviews. By the way did you know that a famous wrestling announcer has a pair of these and absolutely loves them!  Check out his entertaining announcing style in this video.

Back to those Powerblocks that many of us have owned: So they do change weights but with nowhere near the convenience of the MX55’s.  To adjust the weights you have to pull pins out the side of the dumbbells and then identify the right holes to slide them back into.  First of all you need the room on each side to bring the pins all the way out and then re-insert.  The second problem is trying to see which color and which holes you will be inserting the pins in.  Many times I have inserted the pins in crooked with one end higher than the other as a result of not being able to see it after bending over and trying to line it up.

None of that silliness will be allowed with the MX-55 adjustable weight set.  Just push the release button, turn the yellow dial to the desired weight, and push...Donzo!!  Maybe MX-55 should have named it the yellow Donzo button...oh well I claim the rights on that phrase hahaha!

MX55 Selector Button


Space Saving Dumbbells for Home

You might ask what is the best select a weight dumbbells on the market or what are the best adjustable dumbbells for the money?  Well, I believe that the MX-55s are both when you consider the plates are made of steel and covered in a durable nylon coating.  You also have to consider that these dumbbells replace 10 regular dumbbell sets and that is a lot of money saved, but more importantly, that is a lot of room saved!  Not to mention you can take them with you if you want.  Why would you want to take them somewhere you ask? Well one good reason I can think of is if you are a personal fitness coach and want to take them and meet your client at the local park and do a few fireman carries.  Now are you seeing the value?

MX-55 Dumbbells 

There is no doubt that the MX-55 adjustable dumbbells may be the best select a weight dumbbells available, but I will agree with you if you say they are on the higher range of the price spectrum.  You can buy cheaper so-called adjustable dumbbells for sale, however they will end up breaking because they are made of cheap materials with unproven designs that won’t stand the test of your intensity sessions.  If you do order a set you can expect it to come well packed in 3 boxes, usually via UPS.  Once you get them you can easily put together the stand and dumbbells like a whiz (easier than Ikea for sure!).  I haven’t heard of anyone having to hire a pro to get these assembled so you can rest easy there.  Click the link below for more information and to take advantage of the current sale.  Thank you for reading.


MX55 Adjustable Dumbbells

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