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Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Best Exercise Bike Buying Guide

When you want to get healthy or maintain a healthy weight, you want to make sure that you have the best equipment in your home. An exercise bike can be exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a home gym or if you just have a small workout space; the best workout equipment is worth the investment. However, it’s important that you get the right one for your needs. This guide will ensure that you get the perfect exercise bike for you.

What is an Exercise Bike?

An exercise bike, also known as a stationary bike, is a type of exercise equipment that can be highly effective in weight loss and getting that cardio workout you need to be as healthy as possible. These come in 3 different types: recumbent, spinner, and upright. You can gain several benefits when using an exercise bike, including weight loss and a boost to your cardio fitness, which will be discussed further on in the guide.

Who it is For

Exercise bikes are considered to be low impact exercise machines, which means that these can be excellent options for pretty much anyone, even if you suffer from joint issues.

Who it Isn’t For

Sometimes people with back pain may not be as comfortable on certain types of exercise bikes. You should always be sure that you talk to a doctor before you start a workout routine to make sure that your body is able to safely handle the activity. Safety is the most important thing.

Benefits of an Exercise Bike

You will notice several benefits when you use an exercise bike. This section will cover the top benefits that will make an exercise bike a must-have exercise machine for your home.

Low Impact

With an exercise bike, you get a lower impact workout that is much easier on your joints. This is particularly important to consider if you suffer from pain or injuries to your hips, knees, and even your back. If you are concerned about injuries or just want something less intense on your joints, exercise bikes offer a great workout for you.

Improves Cardio Health

Cycling is a really good workout, especially when it comes to your cardiovascular health. These workouts are great for strengthening your lungs, muscles, and your heart. You will also get better circulation of blood and oxygen through your body. What’s important about improving your cardiovascular health is that you will have improved sleep, lower blood pressure, more energy, and many other benefits.

Weight Loss Benefits

You can lose weight by sticking to a healthy diet and working out on your exercise bike regularly. The higher intensity your bike workout is, the more fat and calories you burn. Some would say that the exercise bike offers you the most efficient way to lose the weight and keep it off.

Can Strengthen Muscles

Any exercise bike workout can strengthen a variety of muscle groups including those in your lower body and legs. These include your hamstrings, glutes, core, back, quads, and calves. You may even be able to workout your upper body, depending on the type of bike that you choose and the workout programs included with it.

Safer than Outdoor Cycling

While cycling outside can be an excellent and thrilling exercise, this also poses numerous safety risks to you including the other people on the road with you. Indoor cycling offers many of the same benefits, without the safety concerns or the fact that poor weather can make you miss your workouts.

Different Types of Exercise Bikes

There are a few different options when it comes to exercise bikes, but this section will address the most common options.


Recumbent bikes are distinguished from other types of exercise bikes because these are the ones that have a seat that can support your back. This can be a more comfortable option, especially when compared to exercise bikes that have a saddle seat instead. The recumbent bikes can be an ideal choice for people who are recovering from back or knee injuries. The exercise that you get with this type of bike is more focused on your lower stomach and glutes than other bikes.


Often known as studio bikes, these are the ones that you will see in cycling gym classes. These offer a more vigorous workout and training due to the design of the bike, where the saddle is as high as the handlebars are.


The upright exercise bike is the most common option that you will see. This is the traditional exercise bike that you are probably most familiar with, plus they are the least expensive of the bikes on the market today. These are more intense than the recumbent bike but can be an excellent starter bike if you eventually want to move up into using a spinner bike or are just beginning.

How to Choose the Best Exercise Bike

Some exercise bikes are simpler while others may have exceptional features to them. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the best features to look at when choosing an exercise bike.


Again, the programs used can be very simple or fancier depending the bike. There are some bikes that have simple displays to them, which only allows you to measure things like distance, heart rate, and calories burned. Others have video capabilities so that you can be a part of a workout class or use maps to show beautiful scenery as you complete a workout.

Heart Rate Monitor

The best option for a heart rate monitor on any exercise equipment is a chest monitor. This ensures that you don’t interfere with your workout to stop to put your hand on the bars where the heart rate monitor is located. Heart rate monitors are important because it helps you to more accurately measure the calories burned.

Tablet Holder

If you get a bike that has on-screen workout programs, this may not be as important of a feature since you can focus on the workout coach or the scenery as you work out. However if you don’t, you may want to invest in a bike that has a tablet holder. This will allow you to binge-watch shows while you are working out or access workout programs.


Resistance is so important for you to get the most out of your workout. You want a bike the was designed to allow you to easily adjust the resistance as needed.

Manual or Electric

Bikes can come in either manual or electric varieties. Electric bikes tend to have more features and better functionality, but they are often more expensive. Manual options may be cheaper, but they may not offer you the workout that you want to get healthy and maintain a healthier weight.

Things to Consider When Buying an Exercise Bike

There are additional things that you should consider before you take the plunge and buy an exercise bike.


Budget is always among the most important things to consider when buying a bike. It’s important that you do your research to see what a reasonable budget is for what you are looking for. If you want all of the best features, you can expect to spend a lot on the bike. Come up with a budget that works for you, and then find the bike within that budget.

What are your fitness goals?

Are you looking to lose some weight? Do you want to get stronger? Are you going through rehabilitation after an injury or surgery? There are plenty of reasons as to why someone would want an exercise bike, you just need to think of what your fitness goals are. Knowing these goals are important because it helps you narrow down which features truly matter to you and what type of exercise bike will best meet your specific needs. For instance, if you want a more intense workout, you may want a spinner bike with access to online cycling courses.

Which features really matter?

Sometimes people just want the best. Other people don’t have the budget for just getting the most expensive bike on the market. If you are working with a budget, you need to know which features are the most important to you. This can help you better narrow down a bike that works for your budget and your needs.


Exercise bikes, even on the lower end of the spectrum, are still a large investment to make for your health. That’s why it’s crucial you are protected should something go wrong. You want to make sure that the bike you choose has at least a 2- or 3-year warranty that covers major moving parts and a 1-year labor warranty.  If you don't see a product with a warranty, you can find a warranty company that will cover what you need.


Exercise bikes can be great additions to your home, whether you want something for your daily workouts or you want the ability to keep up with cycling even in bad weather. The tips here are meant to help you better navigate the exercise bike buying process. You are spending a lot for this exercise bike, so you want to make sure that you get the perfect one for you.

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