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Save 5% this weekend Use Code 5OFFSALE

Synca 4D Dual heaters Reclining Ultra Premium Massage Chair JP1100

Original price $9,999.99 - Original price $9,999.99
Original price $9,999.99
$9,999.99 - $9,999.99
Current price $9,999.99
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Color: Brown

Synca JP1100: Utra Premium Massage Chair

Indulge yourself and experience the world's award-winning massage chair. Synca's JP1100 is designed by master engineers in Osaka Japan and manufactured outside of Tokyo by the company that invented massage chairs in 1954. With key components manufactured by Hitachi and master upholstering done by the supplier to Nissan you know you’re getting a chair made with the best materials by the best craftsmen in Japan.

The JP1100 utilizes the highest percentage of components made in Japan of any brand of massage chair while still maintaining cutting-edge features and functions. The Synca JP1100 has an intuitive touchscreen controller, the world's most advanced dual layer body scan ensuring optimal performance tailored to each unique user, the worlds most advanced 4D massage robot, and the JP1100 is the only made in Japan massage chair to feature a foot roller. The JP1100 is the pinnacle of Japanese massage chair technology, try yours today.

Experience Wellness with these Features

12 Body part specific targeted massage courses

Targeted kneading therapeutically massages each selected part of the body.
These seven-minute courses intensively and effectively relieve stiffness and tiredness caused by poor circulation, prolonged sitting and standing, and muscle recovery.

These 12 courses are equipped with 6 types of targeted body part massage, 3 types of deep core kneading techniques, and 3 types of body part stretch.

12 courses21 Auto-courses to find your ideal massage

Meet your massage therapy needs with expertly crafted master courses using 81 unique massage techniques.

Fully enjoy the highest levels of comfort and indulge in 4 types of 30 min. deluxe long course and 17 types of 16 min. body part and focused selective courses.

These 12 courses are equipped with 6 types of targeted body part massage, 3 types of deep core kneading techniques, and 3 types of body part stretch.

SHIATSU Reflexology

Massage functions with a combination of compression and shiatsu reflexology rollers designed to target the plantar fascia muscles in the arch of the foot.

These are specially designed rollers that fit the arches of the feet for a penetrating massage. Utilizing SHIATSU massage movements while holding the foot securely with the air compression system located near the ankles and insteps simultaneously. It also promotes improved blood circulation when coupled with the integrated foot heaters.

These 12 courses are equipped with 6 types of targeted body part massage, 3 types of deep core kneading techniques, and 3 types of body part stretch.

SHIATSU ReflexologyWorld most advanced 4D deep tissue massage robot

“World most advanced 4D deep tissue massage robot” and “The World's most advanced dual layer body scan system” The industry-leading 3D depth system (approximately 5 in) targets the deeper layers of muscles located in the back, neck, and lumbar. The dual sensors optimize the length and depth of the massage to ensure optimal performance.

4D deep tissue massage robotNearly 5 inches of 3D back massage strength adjustment.

5 inches of 3D allows users to dial-up, or down, the pressure on their back.


Auto-detect the spinal line

Optimize the "depth" of the massage



Auto-detect the shoulder position

Optimize the "points" of the massage


Power stretch

This increases the effectiveness of the massage.
A new way to loosen and relax muscles.
Multiple new stretches that increase massage effectiveness by targeting hard to massage muscles groups.

Triple-mode Enhanced Air Compression System

Stimulates blood flow and supports vascular health by compressing and pulling on fluid retention areas in the body.
The enhanced “variable compression system” allows the user to easily control the rate of compression in the desired region.
This allows you to chose from 3 different types of compression massage modes “Hand kneading mode”, “Pulse mode” and “ Normal mode”

Power stretch

Near 180 degree flat recline

“Near 180 degree flat recline” is a high-quality sleeping position allowing the user to stretch out nearly flat opening all the tissues of the back to massage optimizing the feeling of comfort and massage.
An almost flat sleeping position is achieved due to the unique frame structure. Now during a longer massage you can relax and allow your body tissues to open freely allowing the massage robot to more effectively massage the affected area.

Dual heaters

“Dual heaters” warm-up around erector spinae muscles and soles of the feet.
The dual heater work to stimulate blood flow and bring blood to the surface of the skin where the massage rollers can stimulate the tissue to enhance circulation. These heaters also loosen stiff muscles enabling a more effective massage.
* Heaters can also be used independently

Back heater

Back heater

Foot heater

Foot heater

Full-color easy-to-use touchscreen remote control features vivid colors and a user-friendly interface.

remote control

Watch Synca JP1100 in Action

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