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MX80 Adjustable Barbell & EZ Curl Bar

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The MX80 is a great fitness tool to add to your home gym or to start your own fitness studio.  Maybe you are thinking about becoming a personal trainer and need some equipment to get started.  The MX80 is a great way to get someone fit given the adjustable weight and freedom of using a barbell.  Free weights are the way to go for range of motion and variety of exercises.  You can transport these easily going to a clients house and they are great for smaller spaces....think spacing saving gym equipment!  Cardio Nation USA highly recommends the MX brand as they offer a great warranty and offer a top notch product and we love working with them!

MX80 with Rack

From deadlifts, presses, cleans and jerks the MX80 variable weight system combines a range of fixed bar options in one compact, heavy duty weight lifting package. Replacing 26 fixed weight bars or 1140 lbs (517 kg), this industry-first adjustable barbell and EZ curl rack is designed for compact spaces and allows for seamless weight transition between reps.

Includes a Straight and EZ Curl Bar

MX80 Straight and EZ Curl Bar

The MX80 Selectorized Bar System includes a Straight Bar and EZ-Curl
Bar; all included on it’s sleek and compact rack.

The MX80 twin bar rack (included) allows for rapid and easy changing between Straight and EZ-Curl Bars, both using the same nylon coated, machined steel weight plates.

At the turn of a selector dial, you can rapidly increase or decrease your weight to match your strength training goals. Perfectly balanced to ensure that as the resistance is altered the shape of the barbell never changes, its unique rack and pinion design prevents jamming and ensures weight selection is smooth and precise.

MX80s Rack and Pinion Design

The MX80 uses a reliable internal rack and pinion system for adjusting and selecting the desired weight.  This GIF will help you understand what a rack and pinion looks like and operates.


This above GIF is from

Get Fit with the MX Select

Both the barbell and EZ Curl bar can be removed and replaced at 180 degrees, allowing you to handle it just like you would a free-weight at the gym. This exceptionally sculpted and robust performer, will help you gain lean body mass, lose fat and improve your general fitness level in the comfort of your own home gym.

A basic home gym must-have, the MX80 training system together with the MX55 adjustable dumbbells, offer all the pro-style features you would expect from any professional gym quality weights equipment.

Watch this Review from Christian at Intensity Fit Club

MX80 Review

Weight Settings

Settings MX80 Increments

The weight of the MX80 is fully adjustable in 5 pound increments from 20 to 80 pounds.


Weight Range:
20-80 lbs in 5 lb increments (9.8-36.4 kg in 2.25 kg increments)

Total weight with stand:
135.3 lbs (61.5 kg)

Bar length:
47.8” long (121.5 cm) – end to end loaded

Bar inside dimensions:
43.5” (110.5 cm) bar (inside dimensions) by 1.12” (2.85 cm) diameter

System footprint in stand:
56.3” L X 18.5” W X 30.9”H (143 cm L X 47 cm W X 78.5 cm H)

MX80 replaces 13 x fixed Barbells and 13 x fixed EZ-Curl Bars with a
compact, convenient and smart system. With either MX80 Bar cradled in
the rack, you can simply select weight from 20 - 80lbs (9.1 - 36.3kg) at
the turn of a dial.

MX80 Selector Dial
You securely lock the selected weight into place by pressing the selector
dial down into the housing. MX80 Selectorized Bar System is safe,
convenient, accurate, space-efficient and great looking.

The perfect addition to any home fitness area, it pairs with the MX55
Dumbbell System to deliver a total free-weight package.

MX80 Diagram for Parts

MX80 Parts Diagram Exploded

MX80 Parts List


Q: How easy is it to change weight increments on the barbell / EZ curl system?


  1. To change the barbell / EZ curl system weight, press the release button on the hand grip to pop up the weight selector dial, then turn the dial to the desired weight increment.
NOTE: There are two selector dials on each barbell / EZ curl system. It is recommended that the weights are balanced at each end, however it is possible to set each weight selector dial at different increments to suit the style of exercise you’re performing. This will unbalance the barbell / EZ curl system.
  1. Once you have set your weight, press the weight selector dial so that it locks into the fully depressed position and sits almost flush with the barbell / EZ curl system.
  2. Carefully lift the MX80 barbell / EZ curl system out of the cradle, ensuring that the barbell is lifted in a vertical position. The barbell / EZ curl system can be placed on the floor or other flat surface during use.
  3. Always return the MX80 to the cradle to select a different weight, or for storage when not in use.

Q: How safe are the barbells?


The MX80's unique rack and pinion design securely locks the weight plates into an immovable position, allowing you to push your training limits further.

Each selectorized barbell features a double locking safety mechanism to ensure that weight plates cannot disengage from the handset. Each weight plate is secured by a dual plate interlock feature and by locking the selector shaft in place. This means that plates cannot fall from the handset.

Always use your barbells in accordance with the MX80 user manual.

Q: Can I buy the MX80 without the stand?

A: No, the MX80 includes the stand when purchased.

Q: How does the MX80 ship?


The MX80 will ship in 2 boxes with the barbells in 1 box and the stand in the other and weigh 72 Lbs. and 75 Lbs. respectively.  UPS will normally deliver these together, but sometimes they split the boxes up (guessing by accident) so be aware of that when you order.  Cardio Nation USA will send tracking information to the email provided so you know when your MX80 will arrive.  Adult signature is required.

MX80 Shipping


International Warranty – Home use only

This product is not designed or intended for use other than in the home environment.  MX SELECT warrants that the MX80 Barbell & EZ Curl System, purchased from an authorized agent and in its undamaged original packaging, is free from defects in materials and workmanship.  MX SELECT will, at their discretion, repair or replace parts that become defective within the warranty period, subject to the specific inclusions and exclusions below.  This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose in some states.

Handsets – 2 Year Limited Warranty

MX SELECT will repair or replace any component of or within the barbell should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.  Warranty does not apply if Handset is dropped.

Weight plates – 2 Year Limited Warranty

MX SELECT will repair or replace any Weight Plate should it fail due to any defect in materials or workmanship within 2 years of the original purchase.  Warranty does not apply if Handset has been dropped.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tommy M
MX80 Barbell set

Cardio nation was great. Emailed and informed me on everything every step of the way. Delivery was smooth. Boxes were in good shape. All parts were packed nice and tight in styrofoam. I did not put it together yet but will soon. Thanks again!

Quality Product for Home Gym. Excellent Customer Service.

I bought the MX80 recently for my home gym. It was this or the Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar which is similar in nature. I made the right decision. This is an excellent product. It is well constructed. I am impressed by the quality of the bars provided. I have never used an adjustable weight system like this before. I am truly impressed by the product. The one only drawback I see from the product is the lack of ability to expand beyond 80 pounds. The Bowflex comparable product is expandable up to 120 lbs with some extra cost. The only problem is it has been rarely in stock since the pandemic hit. The inability to expand the weight I would consider a relatively minor negative for the MX80. It will definitely serve the purpose for a home gym.

The customer service at Cardio Nation is excellent. The assembly was straightforward. The packaging of the item was really well done.

Julio Balance
Great job guys! Love the product!


lakshmi narayana gundepudi
MX80 Adjustable Barbell & Ez curl bar

The equipment is sturdy, well made and easy to assemble and use. I am enjoying my workouts with MX80.

George Plesa
Quality equipment & great service

The MX 80 is a well built and solid piece of equipment comparable in price to Bowflex which impossible to find. You're limited to 80 lbs. but my joints are way past heavy weights so I rep out. The EZ curl bar is set at the correct angle and the weight change is smooth and easy. Assembly is pretty straight forward. The CS at Cardio Nation is second to none. My emails were always answered immediately by the owner. I was always notified of the progress in the shipping. Ordered on Thursday evening and it arrived on Tuesday via a hulking female UPS driver that could hold here own in the gym. CN had the best price I could find on the web and the owners are both veterans. Army, sadly not Marines, but I always try to buy from my fellow vets. Semper Fi Jay!